Peach Emoji

Fruit Gose

The fresh taste of peaches joined with our sour Gose and a touch of salt gives you that endless summer you were hoping for.

Fresh peach juice was added at the tail end of fermentation and allowed to further dry out this sour. As a result, a crisp peachy feeling washes over you - not unlike Mom’s peach pie, Grandma’s peach cobbler and the feeling of chomping into a peach and having the juices run down your neck…. But we digress. Try Peach Emoji and disconnect for a while and live that perfect Summer you’ve been after, whatever time of year.

ABV: 4.0%

Smells & Tastes Like: Fuzzy Peaches, Peach pie (of course) & an endless summer

Food Pairing: Pie, creamy cheeses & beer can chicken