Sam & Dave Series

The Sam & Dave Series is a wonderful story about a pair of guys who worked together and wanted to one day make their own beer and have a lot of fun doing it. Sam Corbeil, the Brewmaster from Sawdust City Brewing Co. and Dave Lee, the Brewmaster from Eastbound Brewing Co. after many years have finally made this dream a reality. Beers will be released seasonally and will push the boundaries of what beer can be and also what such a beautiful friendship can produce. It’ll be fun. It’ll be awesome and it’ll all be done with a whole lot of soul.


Hold On, I’m Comin’ Home for the Holidays


Ever fall asleep face down into Christmas dessert after eating way, way too much? This beer is just like that except you wake up awesome.

Part of the Sam & Dave Series, this dark Belgian beer is spiced with juniper, five spice and orange zest and brings a whole lot of Christmas flavour. Belgian abbey yeast brings the fruity esters to the party and the spices and zest make it sing. Just remember If you get cold, we’ll be your cover. Don't have to worry 'cause we’re here. No need to suffer baby, 'cause we’re here.

Merry Christmas everybody!

ABV: 8.5%

Smells & Tastes Like: Christmas cake, cherry and great memories

Food Pairing: Prime rib, beef stew, candy canes, sugar plums