Fresh Start: SAbro

APA - American Pale Ale

The next hop stop in our Fresh Start series and maybe the most different! The star of the show this time is the Sabro hop. This hop is actually really new - it was cross bred by fancy hop scientists in the Yakima Valley and part of the hop origin is from New Mexico rather than the usual European roots. Sabro was previously known by the sexy name: HBC 438. That was its experimental name.

The Sabro hop is an extremely distinctive hop & one that really shines in a single hop offering. Big, big notes of coconut, tangerine, papaya and long days leading into beautiful nights on the beach.

ABV: 5.0%

Smells & Tastes Like: Coconut, Tropical fruit, papaya, tangerine and stone fruit.

Food Pairing: Ceviche, shrimp and grilled pork chops