Fresh Start Series

Fresh Start is our series of rotating American Pale Ales, each of which highlights an individual hop varietal. Keeping a single malt bill and a hop schedule focused entirely on whirlpool additions and dry-hopping, we’re looking to bring out the most vibrant aromas and flavours possible. Hops deserve to be in their finest form for their moment in the sun. It’s a great way for you to become acquainted with a growing list of our favourite friends.


Fresh Start:Idaho 7

APA - American Pale Ale

Delighted by the workload it pulls in our Let’s Go Exploring IPA, we wanted to test how this would-be superstar could handle a solo career. Little did we know that it was packing a one man band in tow (i.e. tambourine shoes and bass drum backpack). Grapefruit shuffles over to passionfruit and deep tropical notes, all tied up with a capital D dank pine finish.

ABV: 5.0%

Smells & Tastes Like: Melon, pine forest, fruit market

Food Pairing: Sharp cheddar, jerk chicken, football Sundays