Fresh Start: Centennial

APA - American Pale Ale

Unfortunately we didn’t have the foresight or whimsy to incorporate a reference to one hundred. It’s not the weight we dry hopped with, or our celebratory 100th brew (or at least it probably isn’t). All we’ve got is reference to a #fire numeric emoji, which is how this beer keeps it. Rocking big aromas of lemon, there’s follow through on the sip with vibrant blackberry on the finish. The more expectant pine and spice are subdued and clean.

Featuring locally grown Centennial hops from VQH Farms out of Eden, ON. This version of Fresh Start is heavily double dry hopped post fermentation to produce this tasty treat.

ABV: 5.0%

Smells & Tastes Like: Lemons, blackberry, pine forest

Food Pairing: Roasted chicken, family seafood boil, udon noodles