Fab Lite

Session Ale

Everybody runs for a reason. It could be in pursuit of a PB, for improved health, to look better, feel better or perhaps most importantly be able to add more beer to your already strict diet (drinking) regimen.

Fab Lite is Eastbound Brewing’s pot of gold at the end of your running rainbow with the official beer of the 2019 Pride and Remembrance Run. Bright, sparkling and effervescent with a touch of lemon zest, elderflower and Citra hops it’s your reward for crossing the finish line. At only 4.2% ABV it lets you carry the party on all day and night and supports a good cause while doing it.

20% of the proceeds from every Fab Lite on tap or in cans will go towards The Pride & Remembrance Foundation’s list of registered charities that provide help and support in the LGBTQ+ community.

Run your way to a personal best and help others feel their best because of it.

ABV: 4.2%

Smells & Tastes Like: Lemon, Floral, the perfect run

Food Pairing: BBQ’d shrimp, lobster roll, bianco pizza