Belgian Handshake


What’s with you millennials?! You want the best of everything all the time! Well this beer’s for you, those demanding types who think work/life balance is actually a thing.

Belgian Handshake brings the beautiful complexity of Belgian beer and introduces it to the equally beautiful complexity of North American hops. It’s a mix of styles, culture and terroir. It’s the best of both worlds and the beer-fication (right?) of work/life balance in its finest measure. It’s a meeting of the minds and a meeting of cultures.

A whole heap of Amarillo and Azacca hops bring tropical fruit that combines with Pilsner malt and Belgian abbey yeast to create this balance of beauty and awesome that appeals to all sides of the millennial fence.

ABV: 6.5%

Smells & Tastes Like: Tropical fruit, citrus, black pepper, Belgian swag.

Food Pairing: Mussels (of course!), cheddar & gnudi (you’ve seen our beautiful menu right?!)